Matt W. Manske - Funeral Home Loan Specialist

Matt W. Manske has a long history of financing funeral homes and working with funeral directors. During college Matt worked for several top funeral homes in Kansas. While working and living on site in those funeral homes Matt’s duties included assisting with funerals, visitations, removals, deliveries, administrative tasks, cleaning and maintenance.

After earning a Master’s in Accounting in 1995 from Kansas State University, Matt spent two years auditing for Baird, Kurtz and Dobson, a regional public accounting firm. In 1997 Matt accepted an outside sales position with Eli Lilly and Company. Matt quickly advanced to a senior sales level and spent the next seven years learning how to work with professional customers. In 2004 Matt was recruited by a regional firm to perform business acquisitions in the funeral industry.

One year later, Matt founded BSF to help educate funeral directors about Buying, Selling and Financing. Over the years, Matt has helped many funeral directors navigate their way through the transaction and financing process. Matt’s direct experience working in funeral homes and with funeral directors gives him an in depth understanding of the day-to-day operation of a funeral home.

Matt understands the passion funeral directors have for providing exceptional service to each and every family. Matt also understands the importance of structuring transactions with minimal transaction fees. High transaction fees can put an undue burden on a transaction and stand in the way of the buyer or seller achieving their transaction goals.  

Sellers need the peace of mind that comes with achieving their retirement goals while transferring their business to a buyer that will continue the heritage and reputation the seller spent years earning in the community. Sellers need to know that someone they trust is taking care of “their families," and are grateful when their “retirement becomes a reality.”

Buyer’s need to know that they are buying a good business and that they can be successful in the business over time. Buyers need to know that they did not overpay for their business, that they obtained financing they could afford, and that they have a “friendly, trusting relationship” with the seller.

Both buyers and sellers need competitive financing with flexible terms and minimal fees to ensure that the financing component of the transaction doesn’t take an inordinate amount of the business profits over time.

Often funeral directors have little or no experience in transactions. They feel vulnerable to the myriad of consultants and brokers that are constantly seeking their attention. Surfing the internet for help is often a tedious and time consuming task that may or may not land them in the right place. Funeral directors need education on the complexities and risks involved with Buying, Selling and Financing. In the face of these obstacles they find Matt to be “patient, yet persistent, knowledgeable and understanding,” that he is with them “every step of the way,” and that he “kept everything confidential and moving in the right direction.”

Matt is a regular contributor to Funeral Business Advisor.