You’ve been running your funeral home business for a long time. Perhaps you’ve thought about selling the business—to retire, to move on to another phase of your life, or to diversify your assets.

Whatever the reason, it’s a big decision and an event to navigate knowledgeably and confidently.

The question is not whether you can sell your business. There will always be buyers for a well-run funeral home business. The question is about how you get there and what result you produce. Will you will be able to control the process? Will you get the best price and terms from the asset you've worked so hard to create?

Like any complex situation that you enter for the first time, many traps and pitfalls await the inexperienced traveler. The pages in this section are designed to help you avoid these problems and come out the other end having concluded a successful transaction. A transaction where you have realized the value of your business, where the buyer has a business that can grow and thrive, and where your community can continue to rely on your funeral home's important role in its life.

You’ll find information on the factors that funeral home owners consider when deciding whether to sell, on how the selling process works, and on valuation.